experimental submission guidelines

thank you for being interested in submitting your experimental work! if you have a piece that doesn’t quite fit into any other genre category, submit it here!

the experimental-specific submission guidelines are as follows:

this is the wild card genre. submit anything out of the norm! this experimental category is dedicated to work that defies genre, breaks molds, innovates and reinterprets the generalized notion of literary and/or visual art. it includes anything you can create that the editors and readers won’t quite expect. fantasy, sci-fi, humor, and horror submissions that take themselves outside the box (or quilt patch if you’d like to stay on brand) are welcome! if you have work that can’t be confined to just one element, it’ll feel right at home here.

  • you may submit a maximum of 10 pages per submission.
  • you must use 12-point font with double-spaced formatting. please ensure that your font is legible.
  • if you would like to change your formatting for stylistic or artistic purposes, go for it!

to submit, please fill out the google form at the following link:


we can’t wait to read your experimental work!

❤ the experimental team

Published by Jacob Sammon

writer, editor, believer. managing editor at patchworklitmag.com

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