poetry submission guidelines

thank you for being interested in submitting your poetry!

the poetry-specific submission guidelines are as follows:

our poetry section is a home for the miscellaneous, the forgotten, the beautiful scraps. all forms of poetry are welcome. we are looking for raw, authentic voices, personal intricacies, and new and exciting poems that play with form, style, and originality. 

  • you may submit a maximum of 2 pages, per submission.
  • if you intend to submit more than one piece, please do not include them in the same document. upload each piece independently.
  • please include the title of your piece at the beginning of the poem.
  • if you intend to submit black-out, visual, or found poetry, please submit to our experimental genre. here is a link to their guidelines.

to submit your work, please fill out the google form at the following link:


please fill out a new form for every piece you intend to submit.

we can’t wait to read your work!

❤ the poetry team

Published by Jacob Sammon

writer, editor, believer. managing editor at patchworklitmag.com

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